Not many people are aware that ASD identified individuals are very capable and smart persons who truly need employment in order to support themselves financially. Due to their meticulousness, capacity to focus, and imaginative reasoning abilities, individuals with autism make great. They dominate at completing tedious jobs while on the same job other people are not going to perform great. Nevertheless, a few employers are reluctant to offer the job to people who have autism.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Autism spectrum disorder is described as a wide scope of conditions portrayed by difficulties with social abilities, repetitive behaviors, and nonverbal correspondence. There are many subtypes of autism, and every individual has their list of difficulties and qualities.

Why Adults with Autism Struggle to Find Employment?

Adults with autism find it difficult to get job offers after graduation. Studies show that as much as 90% of adults with autism are either underemployed or jobless. Most employers do not completely comprehend ASD and do not know about the advantages employees with autism can bring to their organization.

What Are the Types of Employment for Adults with Autism?

There are three fundamental kinds of employment opportunities for adults with autism: competitive, supported, and secure/shielded. A competitive business is a place where the employee is very independent in the workplace. They can ask their employer for functional facilities or potentially a place that requires restricted social associations. Supported work is the place where the employee has an emotionally supportive network set up. They may have a job that is developed only for them and their qualities. Secure/shielded jobs are safe places created in an office-based setting. The employee gets training on how to get work done.


There is a need of increasing Autism acceptance for increasing the ASD adult employment rate. An autistic mom or an autistic entrepreneur can create business opportunities and ideas, which an ordinary person cannot even imagine. Government support and awareness campaigns can affect the situation and increase the low AD adult employment rate. Besides government intervention, there is a strong need for support from the community. There are companies that employ people with ASD. Such companies include Aris Puzzle and Venture ATL. They hire autistic staff and support ASD adults in a smooth transition from graduation to getting a job. There is a great need for more initiatives like this from public and private sector companies.