Wooden Montessori Ultimate Busy Board with working Telephone

Aris Ultimate Busy Board is the most innovative Activity  board that promotes fine motor skills and sensory sensitivity. Perfect for those who has learning challenges and a great advantage for children who love to learn while enjoying projects. This is the MVP of Busy Boards!!!




  • Ultimate Wooden House Busy Board has features including traffic lights switch , outlets, telephone system, bell, latches, clock, xylophone and many more activities.
  • Neurodiverse and autistic¬† toddlers will be busy with this board. This is a Montessori inspired Board which promote hands-on learning, self-dressing skills, colors, math, shapes, cognitive and problem solving skill and fine motor development, which also inspires their imagination and creativity.
  • Wooden House Ultimate Busy Board is Large @ 13 x 13 x 20 inches, 15 pounds and made of base wood non toxic materials. Adult assembly required.
  • Great for ASD Teachers, classrooms community skills, sensory centers, birthday gifts Christmas. Great for family interaction and learning.
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